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Insights: S. Krishnakumar

Managing Director & CEO

At SPR, we have always focused on innovations, on improvisation of our products and services every day for which we completely rely on modern technology. We see it as a route map to growth for us as well as for all connected to us. By adopting modern technologies, we keep on doing business right for benefitting our stakeholders, strengthening relationships with partners, upskilling employees for better opportunities and giving back to the society that plays a major role in keeping us going through every thick and thin.

Tech Center

Situated at Ghaziabad, SPR Tech Centre is fully equipped to provide complete and comprehensive solutions, catering to the exacting needs of the hi-tech, new generation engines.

Tech Centre
This includes a detailed understanding of the customer needs and formalizing a concept to meet the functional & fitment requirements, employing modern 3D modeling softwares like CATIA, Pro-E, UNIGRAPHICS & IDEAS.

Diesel & Gasoline Technologies

SPR Tech Centre is equipped with one of the most popular dynamic simulation softwares (RINGPACK), which is used for estimation of

  • Gas blow-by and blow-back
  • Oil consumption
  • Friction and power losses and
  • Wear rates for the ring faces, groove-ring side faces and liner.

State-of-the-art Rig Testing equipment is deployed for validating the prototype in a near virtual engine condition. For example, a Piston can be pulsated for over 2 million cycles to confirm the design strength under varying gas force loads. For an ultra light gasoline piston, the same test can be done to check fatigue failures both under gas forces and inertia forces.

Apart from these, there are custom made rigs for testing new materials and surface coatings in Piston Rings as well.

A separate engine testing facility has been established to validate the prototypes in line with the test cycles specified by the OEM. SPR is proud to have partnered with many leading OEMs for sharing the responsibility of testing for many new programs. The various tests being conducted are:

  • Performance Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Cold & Hot Scuff Testing
  • Micro-welding Testing
  • Temperature Measurements on Pistons etc


The concept model is refined through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) by applying the various load conditions foreseen in the engine. FEA analysis of a piston will yield following:

  • Visualization of thermal and thermo-mechanical deformations
  • Measurement of Side Forces and Wear pattern on the skirt
  • Contact pressures on the skirt and pinbore
  • Temperature Distribution across the entire cross-section
  • Factors of Safety across the entire cross-section
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