1: Core Organization Values

Values outlive people and they carve out the DNA/genome of the organization. Values and ethical principles are paramount and should never be compromised. Values such as respect for people, doing things right, standing up against any wrongdoings and so on should form the motive behind our day-to-day actions.

2: OTTT Framework

We should operate with openness, transparency, trust and teamwork (OTTT). This OTTT framework will ensure that we work together, believe in each other, trust each other and work for each other.

3: Continuous Improvement through Challenging the Status quo

Progress and advancement only happen when we challenge ourselves to do more,  think better, and innovate. Never be satisfied in getting things done in a certain way. Challenge the status quo for much more refinement and success.

4: Create a Learning Organization

We should always look at learning new things every day. We should be humble enough to say “I don’t know” and then learn and assimilate. This way we will create a multi-skilled workforce at all levels and can always use the best talent for the right work.

5: Culture of Execution

We should always be discussing how things can be done rather than how it cannot be done. Any organization with an execution culture is always a customer preferred organization even if its products are pricey. With an execution culture, it is always about performance in all dimensions, be it performance to customer timelines including NEDs, or be it paying suppliers on time and so on. An execution culture brings out the leaders in people.

6: Appreciate and Motivate Performance at all levels

As success begets success, appreciation always enhances performances. Let us all be thankful that we are together. Being together, we can always appreciate each other and motivate each other. Together we can weather any storm! At the end of the day, every good performer must always be appreciated, motivated and satisfied. To have a sustainable performance based culture, motivation and appreciation is a must!!

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