Insights: Ashok Taneja

Can you briefly tell me about the Tech Centre at Ghaziabad? How critical is it and how big is it in terms of size and people?

Our Tech Centre is ready and will be inaugurated on February 4, 2014, in presence of the Board of Directors. This will be a landmark for SPR.

There is an interesting background to how the Tech Centre...

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Tech Center

SPR Tech Centre situated at Ghaziabad is fully equipped & capable to provide complete and comprehensive solutions, catering to the exacting needs of the hi-tech, new generation engines. This is achieved through a planned process as under.

State-of-the-art Rig Testing equipment is deployed for validating the prototype in a near virtual engine condition. For example, a Piston can be pulsated for over 2 million cycles to confirm the design strength under varying gas force loads. For an ultra light gasoline piston, the same test can be done to check fatigue failures both under gas forces and inertia forces.

Apart from these, there are custom made rigs for testing new materials and surface coatings in Piston Rings as well.