• Robotic Pouring
  • Argon Filling of Mold
  • Centralised coolent chilling unit
  • Weisser (Germany) machine for oval turning and finish grooving
  • Camless Takisawa (Japan) machine for finish oval turning
  • Inclined valve pocket milling
  • Double Trumpeting of Pin Bore
  • Hard Anodizing on Top Groove
  • X-Ray inspection facility
  • Eddy current inspection facility
  • Quality Automat
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

Engine Valves

  • Extrusion & upset forging
  • Seat & tip stelliting (Oxy-Acetylene Welding)
  • Profile hardening
  • Continuous tip hardening
  • Continuous grinding line

Piston Pins

A piston pin, also known as a wrist pin, is a hardened steel pin which connects an engine's piston to a connecting rod. This pin is hollow to reduce weight and is held in place with a number of different methods. Most factory-stock piston pin designs rely on a pressed t with the pin being pressed into the connecting rod. High-performance pistons are typically held in place with wire clips or aluminum buttons.

Piston Rings

  • Green Sand Moulding
  • Continuous Moulding
  • Continuous heat treatment process
  • Double Cam Grinding
  • Diskus Grinding
  • Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) - Ion Plating
  • PVD + Gas Nitriding (GN)
  • Moly Inlaid
  • Semi Inlaid Moly
  • Full Face Composite Plating of Chrome (CPC) - Asymmetrical ground OD profile
  • Semi Inlaid Composite Plating of Chrome (CPC) - Asymmetrical ground OD profile
  • TuffRik
  • Zn and Mn Phosphating